10 Controversy Stephen Hawking

Physicist Stephen Hawking died, Wednesday (14/3/2018). British scientist known for his theory of black holes and relativity died at the age of 76 years.

During his life, he often issued statements that sparked public controversy. Here are 10 of Hawking’s most controversial statements:

1. The existence of Alien

Stephen Hawking once issued a statement about aliens. According to him, it would be better if the aliens do not visit Earth.

“If the aliens visit us, the results will be like when Columbus set foot in America. Not good for the natives, “Hawking said in the Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking.

2. Civilization in Outer Space

Hawking encourages people to build civilizations in outer space. The move is to avoid catastrophe or outbreak of war on Earth.

“Sooner or later, disasters such as collisions with asteroids or nuclear will destroy humans. However, once we go into space and establish independent civilization, our future will be safe, “he said.

3. Time Machine

Hawking looked at, the time machine could be made. But he fears it will disrupt the balance of nature.

“It used to be a mere science fiction, but Einstein’s theory of relativity proves that we can penetrate space and time, so we can go on rocket and back before the rocket departs. Unfortunately, things like that would damage the order of space and time itself, “he told the New York Times in 2011.

4. Computer Virus

Hawking rate, humans themselves are damaging the lives of others, so natural that computer viruses are categorized as living things.

“I think a computer virus should be considered a living organism. They are just like human nature that creates a destructive life. We create the human image itself, “Hawking said.

5. Disability

Hawking rate, having a deficiency in the physical does not mean can not do anything. Instead, he thinks disabilities use his thinking more than to encourage physical strength.

“If you are disabled, that possibility is not your fault, but it’s useless to blame the world and love yourself. If you are physically handicapped, do not be mentally handicapped. I never liked the Olympics for disability. On the contrary, science is great for disabled people because it only requires the brain, “he wrote in the book Handicapped People and Science.

6. The existence of God

Hawking thought God was not there. According to him, God’s existence does not make sense.

“Before understanding science, we usually believe God created the world. But now science gives more explanation. We will know what God knows, if God exists. God is not there. I am atheist. Religion believes in miracles and is inconsistent with science, “Hawking told El Mundo in 2014.

7. Religion and Science

Hawking’s distrust of God grew stronger, when more science provided an acceptable explanation. That’s what he says, which makes the difference between religion and science.

“There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on the Above, and science based on observation and cause and effect. Science will win because it’s true, “Hawking said at Diane Sawyer / ABC News.

8. Error

Hawking considered reasonable if humans make mistakes. He argues, life begins with mistakes.

“Next time, if anyone complains you make a mistake, just answer if that’s a good thing. Because without imperfection, none of us can exist in the world, “he said.

9. IQ

Despite having a high IQ, Stephen Hawking never wanted to brag.

“I do not know. The man who boasted his IQ was a coward, “he said.

10. Women

Despite the genius, Stephen Hawking admits it’s hard to understand women.

“Women are a mystery,” Hawking told New Scientist in 2012.