Opium, the Deadly Deadly Flower

Papaver somniferum (Apiun) is a seasonal wild plant commonly known as ‘Opium’ or ‘Poppy’. In its production and in legally supporting the Fire of Apiun (under legal protection), many built Apiun fields (but still with an undisclosed location).

When the flowers are only a few days old it has become a ripe fruit, the harvesters will begin to reap by cutting the fruit stalk. In the fruit rich in alkaloid content, there are grains of dry seeds of capsule. This seed is then started to be marketed in the culinary world.

The seeds of the ripe Apiun fruit are often used in making ‘snack bagels’. Although ‘bagels’ do not cause narcotic effects, but after consumption can still trigger a positive reaction to the urine test for drugs.

The other side of Opium

Opium fruit wounded with a tapping knife will remove the white viscous sap. After drying and turning brown, the sap is picked up and marketed as raw opium.

This raw opium can be processed simply to become a ready-to-eat opium. If this sap is extracted again, it will produce “morphine”. The extracted morphine will further produce “heroin”. This waste extraction if processed again will become cheap narcotics like “sabu”.

Fire is the most dangerous type of narcotics. Consumed by swallowing directly or drinking with tea, coffee or smoked with cigarettes or syisya (cigarettes a la Middle East).

In the beginning, the consuming Apiun will feel refreshed and able to imagine and speak, but this does not last long. Shortly afterwards his psychiatric condition will be disrupted and ends with a deep sleep and even a coma.

If someone is addicted, then Apiun will be a part of his life. His body will no longer be able to perform its functions without consuming Apiun in the usual dosage. He will feel tremendous pain if he can not get it. Togel Hari ini Her health will drop dramatically. The muscle of the addict will wither, his memory weakens and his appetite decreases. Both eyes have cyanosis and the weight will continue to shrink.